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Salam and hi

I am new to data mining and as well as with rapidminer. But data mining is getting interesting day by day. So i pay a good time to read the theory of the data mining. So as a result i have some knowledge but no practical use of it. As i am a software developer i made a school management software for a school where there is about 4000 students and 50 teachers. The software features result automation and the school admin asks for teacher's performance analysis. So now i have a data set and want to mine something from it but the problem is what can i do????????????????? I must add that i can get any kind of extra information from the student through the school admin

So I need some suggestion and how can i start, please help me........................... :)


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    Hi pdfarhad,

    you did not give almost any concrete information it is difficult to give any concrete suggestion.
    To start with rapidminer you can look at tutorial which are available in Help menu.

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