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Dear All!

I have to evaluate two surveys which were  conducted in 2006 and in 2011. All data (questions, answers, ...) is in MS Access. I want to use RapidMiner to e.g.  compare the results graphically from 2006 and 2011.
Now, I have a result table as follows:
Answer  Year  Number of Answers
answer1  2006  26
answer1 2011 55
answer2  2006  115
answer2  2011  134
my question:
Is it possible to design the "Bars Plotter" in such a way that for one answer the number of answers from 2006 and 2011 appear next to each other and for the second answer in the same way?
In Excel, this is possible...

Thanks in advance!



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    homburghomburg Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 114 RM Data Scientist
    Hi currant.

    As far as I know there is currently no plotter which does exactly what you described. But the Bars Stacked may also work for this kind of purpose. It just stacks the bars instead of lining them up. Just try it and select the following parameters:
    Group-By Column: Answer
    Stack Column: Year
    Legend Column: Answer
    Value Column: Number of Answers
    Best regards,
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    currantcurrant Member Posts: 14 Contributor II
    Hi Helge,

    Thanx a lot!

    Do you know if this is possible with RapidAnalytics?

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    IngoRMIngoRM Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Community Manager, RMResearcher, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,751 RM Founder

    this type of grouped bar chart is indeed possible with RapidAnalytics. Look at this video:


    In the lower left part of the style bundle definitions you can see the desired chart type if I am not mistaken.

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