"Beyond 250 columns for CSV"

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Hello developers!!

My group is currently working on a thesis regarding brainwaves. We are using rapidminer to read certain csv(s) and try to build a model that is capable of determining emotion of a person through brainwave signals.

Unfortunately, our data is composed of more than 250 columns. What we have noticed is that rapidminer only accepts csv files that are less than 250 columns.

Is there any work around this or a code that we have to change in order to read more than 250 columns??

Any help would be appreciated..



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    SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven
    Hey wannin0,

    i have successfully read a 300 column csv 5 minutes ago. What error do you get?


    P.S.: Nice use case. A friend of mine has bought such a brain-wave reading device. Quite funny! :)
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