"Decision Tree problems"

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Hi everyone,

Couldn't find this question answered anywhere and not sure if you can help.

Trying to run a simple decision tree. No errors, but all I get is the first stub and that stub is the 'label' variable. And it doesn't even look like its been properly assessed (base don stats in performance analysis module).

I've been through all relevant videos (even the neural marketing guy's stuff which is very good) and manuals, but can't see what I am doing wrong. Been at this better part of a day.

BTW, took the same data and reinstalled an old version of Cognos Scenario (an old IDT) and got results in about 10 minutes (including install time).

Can anyone help me?




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    RalfKlinkenbergRalfKlinkenberg Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, RMResearcher, Member, Unconfirmed, University Professor Posts: 68 RM Founder
    Hi Ray,

    without seeing your data and your RapidMiner process for decision tree induction, I can only guess possible reasons for the failure of your RapidMiner process...  ;)

    So let me start with a few questions:
    • Did you set the role of the attribute 'label' to 'label'?
    • Did you play a little with the paramters of the decision tree learner?
    You may for example want to try different values for the parameter 'mininal gain'. Relaxing this constraining requirement from the default value of '0.1' to for example '0.01' often helps. You may also want to turn the pruning off. Do you now obtain a real decision tree as result?

    Best regards,
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    macneirrmacneirr Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Thanks Ralf.

    It was one of those 2 things. The pruning issue seems counter-intuitive to me, but I'll have to read up on both issues.


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