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If I want to run many data scenarios through RapidMiner and collect the results at the end, is there a way to configure RapidMiner to run like a blackbox that can be called by an external program?

Alternatively, is there a way to do this within RapidMiner itself? In a simplistic example, lets say I have a population of 4 datapoints {1,2,3,4}. I only want to run 3 of these as 1 dataset through my model at a time. All in total, the 4 possible combinations give 4 datasets.


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    The answer to both your questions is yes.

    You can run Rapid Miner via the command line.
    But this is not recommended for beginners.

    You can use Rapid Miner to brute force any permutation of datasets or input attributes.
    This said, the examples you use are terribly confusing.
    I'm having trouble relating them to any task that is useful in practice.

    Take a look at the "loop" and "parameter" operators. Or maybe the "Optimize Selection (Brute Force)" operator.

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