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Image processing

bkrugerbkruger Member Posts: 17  Maven
edited November 2018 in Help
Hi there,

Can anyone please direct me to tutorials/material/docco on the image processing extension?



  • StaryVenaStaryVena Member Posts: 126  Maven
    official homepage of extension developers is http://spl.utko.feec.vutbr.cz/en. But work on documentation and tutorials is still in progress. If you have some questions, you can write it here or if you need profi support, contact developers.

  • gutompfgutompf Member Posts: 21  Maven
    Hi, Vaclav,
    I know nothing about image data mining, but I would like to know your opinion - is image mining extension suitable for some analysis of the aerial photos - e.g. identification of the land use, maybe also other things...?
  • StaryVenaStaryVena Member Posts: 126  Maven
    I don't know, how images looks like and what you want to detect. For example you want detect water, filed and urban, than I think, it is suitable. For more difficult or special task will maybe be needed new feature extraction operators...

    There are few general steps which you must walk through:

    1) preprocessing - histogram normalize, resize, denoising etc.
    2) create mask - manually select regions which you want to detect
    3) generate example set - get features from segment or points + label from mask
    4) train model - maybe some optimizations...
    5) test model
  • DocMusherDocMusher Member Posts: 318   Unicorn
    Dear BK,
    I can only agree with the lack of manuals on image processing topics using rapidminer. I know, this is very time consuming. A solution could be to publish more project examples related to this topic on myexperiment or similar sites. I hope the message wil be read by those colleagues.
  • StaryVenaStaryVena Member Posts: 126  Maven
    I post few examples on http://www.myexperiment.org/users/18932/workflows. I will add some more later. If you have special request, you can write it here...

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