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I try to make an gouped ANova with Rapid Miner.
I upload an excel file with the excel operator and I connect the output to the input of the grouped anova operator and... it failed...
I assume it might be because I don't make the configuration properly. In particular, I can't manage to set the metadata information on my excel file. I suppose I should state the first column as a polynomial attributes and the second column as a numerical regular data but I don't find the right way to do so...
Can someone help me?




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    Hi Barthélémy.

    Have you tried to use the Import-Wizard (File -> Import Data -> Import Excel Sheet)? It offers you a variety of options to set attribute names, value types and roles for your excel data.

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    Better ! I can now see the different attributes in the anova dialog display. But still it soesn't work : now it tells me that one of the attributes (the one selected in "grouped by attribute") doesn't exist
    Perhaps it is not the right meta data.
    To make it clear I have two columns, one that tells the condition ("Disciplines" which is declared as the "grouped by attribute" attribute) which is a string that I defined as a polynominal data and set to attribute and one that tells the score ("Ncompétences") which is an integer that I defined as a numerical value and also set to attribute...

    Is there any mistake?

    Thanks again,

  • barthosbarthos Member Posts: 20 Maven
    I have find the solution : it was because I set the different columns as label. I set them as attributes and it works,

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