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Hi all

I have read and built the tutorial that exposes a process as a web service in RapidAnalytics. The tutorial uses a macro to get data into the model via the query string in the request. But how do I classify an example using the web service? By that I mean providing attributes in some format (mabe POST key/value pairs), apply a model and get the classification back.

In the screencast at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCUwA6llns&;feature=player_embedded Rapid-i does the thing I want using around 10:00 but ist says nothing about how the process is set up.

Thanks in advance for any input on this.

Kindest regards



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    Hi, I'm also interested in this topic but up to now no-one seems to be interested to answer this.
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    I remember I have already answered this question once somewhere, but I cannot find the link. Anyway: In the old version, I defined a macro for each attribute and used "Generate Data by User Specification" to create a one-line exmple set. This, admittedly was ugly. As of RA 1.1 you can directly POST CSV, Excel, or XML files to the Web service. Check this out:


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    Hey Simon,

    Yes, you responded to this issue before, even on youtube; however, I would still like to inquire to how you connected rapidanalytics to the 'Generate Data By User Specification' operator. I understand that you believe it is an 'ugly' solution, but it is the one that I require. I have no need to supply data in a CSV, XML or any other format other than a parameter in the URL.

    Many thanks for your videos and your dedication to creating rapidminer, rapidanalytics and all the extensions.
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