"Getting started with SVM classification and Text data sets"

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Hi all,

I'm trying to start with SVM classification.

I've followed the SVM introduction video with Sonar example.
My problem is a little different, I have mainly text data, I want to classify text entries (with a title and a description) in different categories, by subject.

When I import my CSV data, I configure the class (label) and the attributes.
All my attributes are in "text" format. I have no polynoms. But when I plug a SVM operator of my Data, I have an error about polynoms : "polynomial attributes not supported".

I don't understand why I get this error...

Did I miss something?




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    As I recall, this question was asked somewhere.

    The answer seems to be that one of another implementation (LibSVM?) supports polynomial (though I know you mentioned you do not have polynomials).

    You can try to search in this forum.
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