Newbie alert- just want to ask something about Rapid-miner....

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I am really new at this data mining ETL software so I hope you could bear with me,. I already downloaded the software and it really looks slick and i have a feeling like its possible to do anything with it, problem is I am really struggling at the moment learning at my own  :'(, and i know a good product deserves thorough dedication of learning if you desire to make it work..

I was wondering if Rapid-miner is capable of automatically referencing data on different excel files(3 diff files)... for example an excel file with a data table to be used for a simple mathematical operation on a different excel spreadsheet,. its like a vlookup thing in excel, though i was thinking of automating this in rapid.. is rapid capable of doing this?

Thank you any reply would be really appreciated!


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    Why don't you use different Read Excel operators? I think it's easy.
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    hey bro i appreciate the reply :)

    im just thinking that rapid has more functionality and with a lot of operators i believe it can do an automation of this process,. and possibly scheduled processing when certain data has been changed/uploaded

    maybe its possible maybe its not, i have no idea, the thing is i really have a lot of projects on my to do list and was hoping just to get a little insight on this software and that would really help me a lot

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