Newb getting a strange "The example set contains non-nominal attribute sum(...."

ragmondoragmondo Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
I've just used the template for Market Basket analysis (ie File -> Open Template -> Market Basket) on version 5.1.011

I have approx 100k rows to import.

I've imported my data as customerId (nominal) (this is a alphanumeric code) , itemId (nominal)  (a numeric code based on UPC / EAN) and itemCount (integer) although I have "fudged" the itemCount column and set it always to 1.

However, when I get to the FP-Growth stage I see the error :"The example set contains non-nominal attribute sum(itemCount)_1239332 which is not allowed for FP Growth"

But... my itemCount is always an integer - in fact it's always 1... What am I doing wrong here ?



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