"Rules Decision Tree"

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Hi, everyone.
I developed a operator.My operator creates a Decision Tree model for the data1.
                //create a model Decision Tree

DecisionTreeLearner evaluator;
try {
evaluator = OperatorService.createOperator(DecisionTreeLearner.class);
} catch (OperatorCreationException e) {
throw new UserError(this, 904, "DecisionTreeLearner operator", e.getMessage());

//Modelo data1
Model A = evaluator.learn(data1);

This Model "A" is applied to other data (Data2).And sent to an output port.
                ExampleSet result1 = A.apply(Data2)

In a result1 appears  a column titled "prediction(label)" the result of applying the classification tree for each data.

How I can do to make this column appears in addition to another with the Rules used to classify?
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