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Read the whole posts from an RSS Feed with RM

dranammaridranammari Member Posts: 13 Contributor II
edited November 2018 in Help
Hi all,

I want to use the Web Mining operator "Read RSS Feed" to read ALL the posts in a forum (Search Engine Optimization forum: The feed url of this forum is given from the site itself as:;forumids=9

However, when I use this URL in the "Read RSS Feed" operator to get the posts, I face two problems:

1) I do NOT get all the posts that exist in the forum. I get only 15 posts (threads) though the forum contains much more posts than that. How can I get all the posts? Does RapidMiner support feed pagination for example? and how to do that?

2) I do NOT get all the text of the first post in the content attribute of the generated dataset by RapiMiner. I only get part of this text but not the whole textual content. How can I use the operator to get the whole text in the content attribute?

Many thanks in advance!
p.s The problem is not in the Feed url I provided as it occurs in all the feed urls I tried so far.



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