"Error: row too long - importing data"

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I have actually figured a way around this, but it may be helpful for others and I don't know an actual solution.

When importing a .csv data set I noticed in "Step 2 of 5" in the Data import wizard, that it only imported the first 16 columns out of 96. Continuing on to step 4 I get an explanation. My document contains 99 errors, all of which are "row too long". It then displays the Row, Column address and Original Value for all of the rows except the first row (column names). The original value is the value in the 17th column which had been cut away along with all the following. The numbers in the 17th column are longer than in the preceding columns, but are still only 6 digits.

I've been importing .csv data sets with over 1000 columns, so I don't understand how one of my smallest sets gives this error. Luckily this set only has 96 columns and therefor fits into a .xls file which is otherwise limited by 256 columns. The .xls file imported without a problem.
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