selecting permutations of collection items

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Hello all.

I have a collection of m*n (let's say 2*2=4) example sets (xsets) outputted by a loop of parameters.

From that collection, I need to be able to select 3 items at a time based on their given collection index number (4 permutations 123,124,134,234) and then join them permutatively (e.g. 1+2+3) in a single xset. I've been trying with one of the Loop* operators looping 1 to m*n with Select as its inner operator but the problem is Select expects collection but Loop* operators expect xset (e.g. LoopCollection cannot contain Select as its inner operator) so it seems they cannot be sequenced in this way.

How can I loop over items in a collection with Select as the only inner operator ? Can't seem to get my head round how to do this...
best, Harri
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