Text Processing: How to fetch documents from database

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Hello again

I have a problem  I have been struggling with for a few days with no success. Maybe somebody could help me out:

(I am using the Text Processing extension, and a "Process Documents From Data" component from there)

With the "Read Database" component I read text fields from db ("SELECT article_text FROM articles"). I pass the result to "Process Documents From Data". Inside "Process Documents From Data" I put "Tokenizer" and a "breakpoint before".

The document that gets there has null content  ???, and an "article_text" attribute set to the value from db.
And I need the value from db to appear there as the document content instead (as this needed for further processing).

I suppose I am making some very stupid mistake here, I would be grateful for any hints..
Thank you



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    StaryVenaStaryVena Member Posts: 126 Contributor II
    you should maybe add "Nominal to Text" operator between Read Database and Process Documents From Data and convert attribute role (with article text) to "text" role.

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    monami555monami555 Member Posts: 16 Contributor II
    THANK YOU it helped :)
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