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Hi All,

Just to point out strange behaviour in Rapidanalytics (RA):
- First, when I try to create two new RA users named "mysql" and "postgresql", given that the RA database relies on mysql, and my "user's database connections" rely on postgres, I have noticed that at restarting RA, and trying to create new connections, drivers seem to have disappeared. They are physically present on the filesystem, but invisible at creating new db connections.
- When browsing repositories from RM client, symbolic links can give "loops", especially in the case of "cross-links".

Otherwise, obviously a great product !


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    Hi crappy_viking,

    1. I don't understand what you mean by drivers have disappeared. Where should drivers be shown in your opinion?

    2. RM does not create symbolic links.

    3. What does this all have to do with loops?

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    Hello Simon,

    If you open "RapidAnalytics > Database connections", you can have the list of databases URL, "jdbc:postgres://IP...", "jdbc:mysql://", etc...
    Well, once I was using them, the "database type" and IPs/hosts disappeared, replaced by something like "jdbc:unkown://"

    At the time I am writing these lines, I have made progress in understanding what would cause such a strange display. By the way, I thought it was due to the fact that some environment variable were not correctly set, or a missing XML configuration file. Then I made the assumption that, because I created "mysql" and "postgres" users, it could interfere with RA code. Thus the (first) idea of "loop" (what is inside my repository is confused with the code)
    The so-called "second idea of loop" is produced when you have on your own filesystem two symlinks. For instance :
    - /home/viking/dirA contains "symlink1" pointing to dirB
    - /home/viking/dirB contains "symlink2" pointing to dirA
    If you try to browse dirA then following symlinks, the treeview does not stop developing new child branches, one each time you follow a symlink. It can be really funny, but not very productive at office ! It is on RM client, not RA, surely.

    About the drivers : I have found that when I add the "R" plugin into RA ,it creates this problem. The problem disappears exactly when I delete/move the "R" plugin.

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    one reason for the "unknown" in the URLs may be that RapidMIner is not correctly initialized (inside RapidAnalytics), maybe because of other invalid settings. Check the server.log for suspicious messages.

    Regarding the loops, I can only repeat myself: RapidMiner does not create symbolic links. Don't mess with the file based repository - it is discouraged to work inside this file system.

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