Issues with Text Mining Extension 5.1.4

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To all:

Rapid Miner 5.1 has worked like a charm on my Win7 64 bit machine, 4 Gig memory.  However, I get an HTTP 400 error when attempting to download this extension (Others extensions I have downloaded & installed with no problem.)

The Rapid Miner error message states I should insure admnistrator privledges, but I have run it as administrator also, but still get the same error, with a reference to http://rapidupdate.de:8180/UpdateServer/download/public/rmx_web/5.1.4/ANY?baseVersion = 5.1.1.  The update address in the Tools section just references up to the port 8180 address- does it need the full address?

Anyway, I guess I need some troubleshooting assistance.  I shut off Windows firewall and reattempted to download; still no luck.

By the way, a fantastic product.
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