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== Short Version ==
I used "Generate Attribute" to generate a new attribute which I am comparing with a label.
The problem is that the attribute has the type attribute_value, I would like to convert it to (poly)nominal. How can I do it?

== Long Version ==
I am doing an integer classification task, but the predictions of some classificators aren't integer. (I'm fine with this and this is what I intend).
For evaluation purposes, I which to use a specific tolerance parameter in order to assert the accuracy of the prediction. I tried to achieve this using the Generate Attribute class and an if clause, but the resulting attribute isn't comparable.
Is this the best approach?

Thank you for your help.


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    Nils_WoehlerNils_Woehler Member Posts: 463 Maven

    have you tried the 'Guess Type' operator? Maybe it can help you to change it to the correct type.
    If the operator does not help, can you please post the expression you use to generate your attributes?

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    uPWarrioruPWarrior Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    I figured out what the problem was.

    One of the attributes was being interpreted as a nominal and I was manipulating it mathematically.
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