how to throw the last module's parameters to the next module's parameters

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Dear sir
If i want to combine two or more modes.(for example K-Medoids、Flatten Clustering....)
I want to  throw the last  module's parameters  to the next  module's parameters?(the  parameter of K in the model of K-Medoids  give  to the  parameter of number of clusters in the model of Flatten Clustering) ???
How may I  do?(can show simple workflow)
I need your help.
please help me.
thank a lot

the following is my try.


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    Hey Joe,

    the Clone Parameters operator only works for identical operators (e.g. copy the parameters of one K-Means operator to another K-Means operator). Anyway, you are using k-Medoids which does NOT create a hierarchical clustering, and thus you don't need the Flatten Clustering operator at all. You can also see in your process setup that something is wrong by the red input port at the operator and by looking at Problems View below.

    Anyway, to use the same parameter value at several places in your process, you can use macros. They work like gloal process variables. Set them via the Set Macro operator. Say you create a macro named number_of_clusters and value 5. Then you can use it as k in k-Medoids by entering the following into the k-parameter field in k-Medoids:
    Kind regards,
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