[SOLVED] Error in network behaviour with proxy server

michaelhechtmichaelhecht Member Posts: 89 Maven
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Wow, after hours of searching I found out, that there is an error (??) in the behaviour of RM according to proxy servers.

I added proxy servers for the access to the internet to get updates and information and so on
(company firewall!!). As I tried to apply database connections I permanently failed, except I tried
to connect to a local database (which I had to install and configure in advance  >:( ).

So I removed all proxy configuration from RM (and had to restart since using a proxy or not seems to be
configured only at startup) and voila - all database connections worked properly.

Now I have to decide whether I want to get update information or I want to apply database connections?!?!?!?!
Is there a workaround?

Yes, there is a workaround (maybe the standard configuration??):
Configure ftp.proxySet and http.proxySet for the firewall and NOT https.proxySet!!!
Then all is working properly!


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    Paul_BPaul_B Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    I had the same problem too.  To be sure of completely removing all Proxy information I removed the "5_2_000_rapidminerrc.Windows XP" config file completely from my installation and restarted RapidMiner.

    Interestingly, connections to local and remote MySQL servers were not affected by the Proxy config, only those to a remote Microsoft SQL server.
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