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I know its a big request, and would probably require a lot of work, but if RapidMiner could run on OpenCL it would be a really great feature!


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    Hi there,

    OpenCL already is supported, via JOCL, a Java wrapper for OCL, and there's a tutorial here...http://jogamp.org/wiki/index.php/JOCL_Tutorial . I've spent some time making my own Association Rule operators which use the GPU; the speedup on frequent itemset generation is more than 100, so that  justifies for me the very considerable effort spent.

    It's not only that you need good low-level programming skills to harness the power, but you also need to recast the problem in a way that the GPU likes, a parallel implementation is not just a sequential algorithm running on lots of processors, sadly.

    However, having a GPU turbo for RM makes a rather cool mix, great interface to limitless grunt...
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