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Hey all, quick question on the Metacost operator. Is it possible to use with an inner SVM operator? And also, when assigning class costs, how does one know which class of the label is class 1 v class 2 v class 3 (I have a polynomial label).



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    Hi danjeharry!

    You can use an SVM inside the Metacost operator but if you have a polynominal label you have to use the LibSVM operator since the "normal" SVM can only handle binominal labels.
    When you check the operator info for a learner you can see which attributes and labels it can handle.

    Regarding the class costs class 1 would be the first occuring value within your label, class 2 would be the second one and so on. You can check that by taking a look on the confusion matrix which is created by a performance operator.

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