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I'm trying to setup a SparseFormatExampleSource with different files for attributes and labels. When I give a default source in the attribute xml file, I get an error StringIndexOutofBound error. Index = -1.

When I don't specify a default source file , but rather provide source for each and every attribute, I get error file not found, where it tried to read the folder in which my attribute file is present, as a file. I'm giving the full path of the file, wherever asked.


  • sarakssaraks Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    From the little bit I have poked into the error, it seems that it is trying to read the dataFile and it is error out. For some reason, it is unable to extract the dataFile path from the source attribute of the attribute xml tag. So guys please let me know if you have an idea on what could be wrong.
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    Hello saraks and welcome to RapidMiner

    Could you please so kind to activate the debug mode (Tools->Preferences->rapidminer.general.debugmode) and rerun the process ? There is no need to post the whole error report, but the stack trace of the occured exception could be very useful.


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