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Hello World !

I am going familar with this wonderful tool, but I tried to retrieve data by a webservice using the "Web:Enrich Data by Webservice".

I can't understand why there is an manadantory input, because all parameters are needed are defined in the operator.
The operators description  was not useful to find a solution.
I want only read the webservice and work with the retrieved XML Data. In a second step i will use this Webservice with different paramters,
but I don't know why the manantory example set may help.

Have  a nice day and thx for reply


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    JEdwardJEdward RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 578 Unicorn
    Hi Uwe,

    You can use the Generate Examples operator to generate a single example to get around this. 

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    kuehnkuehn Member Posts: 25 Contributor II
    thank you JEdward.

    But why this is mandantory ??

    I did generate a Random Set, but the repsonse in RapidMiner that is an xml file, i will store as a file and work with this in another process.
    Instead my opinion the xml result is the response , the saved xml contains the generated example set.

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    kuehnkuehn Member Posts: 25 Contributor II
    Hi there

    Is there is nobody who can answer my question? There is not more response ....

    btw : the Generate Example Set means Generate Attributes ? I don't have a Generate Example Set Operator !

    the webservice won't work, but the parameters are right, I think.

    Then I did another way and got the xml via OpenFile. But the Operator WriteFile and ReadXML don't produce results, with and without setted meta data information. Additionally the file what was saved, may have another coding, because the brackets are html-entities. Where I can change the coding?

    How I get the Xml - represented Tree into an or many ExampleSet or whatever? I dont get any result.

    the structure looks like this :
       <Record ordinal="1">
         <Family number="20038393">
           <Title><![CDATA[<TI_EN>Improvements in or relating to clutches for motor cycles  </TI_EN>;]]></Title>
               <PN>GB525347 A</PN>
             <PatentApplicant>AUDI NSU AUTO UNION AG</PatentApplicant>
             <PatentApplicantNS>AUTO UNION AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT</PatentApplicantNS>
    ... etc.

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