Find optimal parameters for regression

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I've recently been toying with this incredible tool, however, I've a question, parhaps a very newbie one.

I've sucessfully created a linear regression model by using the x-validation operator, modeling, apply model, etc. Now I've a valid model, is there a process or operator that allows me to, given a threshold for the attributes, to find the values of them for a maximum output?



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    Hi Esteban,

    Since RapidMiner offers various ways to optimize your results (e.g. Optimize Parameters,  Drop Uncertain Predictions, ...) it is necessary to know which part of the result you want to optimize.

      Which values do you want to optimize? What do mean with
    maximum output


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    EstebanEsteban Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Hi Edin, thanks for your reply!
    Edin Klapic wrote:

       Which values do you want to optimize? What do mean with ?
    I actually do not intend to optimize the datasent (I've already tried the Optimize selection operators, for example), but what I need to do is, for a given linear model already determined with rapidmaner, to find which combination of values of the attributes will produce the estimated value to be the maximum.

    Thanks again!
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