Analytics only with JavaSkript ?[SOLVED IS ANALYTICS PROBLEM]

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Hi friends,

I started to install an analytics server. It finished successful and up to now there are no problems.

But now I started to configure an MSSQL Connection. That Instance required to enter the instance name, but the analytics backend want work. May be a javaskript problem? I tried Mozilla 9.0.1. and IE 9. I can change tab "Erweiterte Einstellungen" - geman way :-) .. but its unpossible then to find a save button or rechange to the first. So I can't change the Porperties to my required instance.

I shut down javaskript using by browser, but then the backend does not work very well.

The main question ... where are the connections saved. Are they redundant in a connection.xml like RapidMiner  C:\Users\[UserName]\.RapidMiner5\connections .. or must I remeber how to configure JBOSS ?

Nice Day
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