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"Market Basket Analysis"

JoniDSJoniDS Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
edited June 2019 in Help

I created a sample dataset that goes like this: itemIditemCount1Product111Product343Product155Product173Product21
I tried to use this in the "Masket Basket template in Rapidminer but it gives me the error "The example set contains non-nominal attribute sum(itemCount)_Product1 which is not allowed for FPGrowth".

What am I doing wrong?
Can give me an advice?

Thank you in advance


  • haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849  Maven

    The frequent itemset generator only tolerates binominal attributes, which means that you'll need to do some pre-processing. As for advice I'd say that working through help->tutorial actually saves many hours of grief; RM has its own jargon, and until you know it you remain in the vale of tears!

    So do that, and then activate a breakpoint just befor the FPGrowth operator, just to check that your data is binominal. If any of that does not make sense then you really should run through the tutorial.

    Good luck!
  • spoorthy9547spoorthy9547 Member Posts: 3 Contributor I

    I am working with a similar sample dataset as yours.Can you please send me your rmp file to my email id [email protected]
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