"Out of Memory and Java HEAP"

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Hi all,

I have Memory problem with Rapid-Miner.

Suppose I have a loop in my operator tree that should iterate 200 times. But in the 95th iteration Rapid-Miner fails to continue.
The out of memory error is related to Java heap.
I used MemoryCleanup operatpor every 40 iterations but again at the same iteration(95th) it halts!!
(I use some fileread and filewrite in every iteration)

I use Windows-Vista32 (Business Edition) and have 3GB RAM on my laptop.
I use Rapid-Miner 4.2.

I think there's no physical limitation and I should set something about virtual memory both in my Wndows and Rapid-Miner settings. Can anybody help me?

-- Misagh.


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    TobiasMalbrechtTobiasMalbrecht Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 295 RM Product Management
    Hi Misagh,

    in principal, there should be no limitations if you give Java enough memory and the application does not reach the given boundary. In practice, giving the JVM more memory than you phisically have is not a real option. But did you already give the Java virtual machine really all the memory you can? What does the memory monitor of RapidMiner (in the lower right corner say about the maximum memory used? And can you post your process setup? Maybe there is some operator which has excessive memory requirements ...?!

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    amyamy Member Posts: 16 Maven
    Hi all,
    I got the same out of memory error. It seems like that there is a memory limitation with JVM which means with different java version.
    Compay JVM Vesion Maximum memory(M)client Maximum memory(M) server
    SUN 1.5.x 1492 1520
    SUN 1.5.5(Linux) 2634 2660
    SUN 1.4.2 1564 1564
    SUN 1.4.2(Linux) 1900 1260
    IBM 1.4.2(Linux) 2047 N/A
    BEA JRockit 1.5 (U3) 1909 1902
    Hopefully this will give you some idea about this problem.
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