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"Iteration macro inside Loop collection"

monami555monami555 Member Posts: 16  Maven
edited June 2019 in Help

Maybe someone knows how to solve my problem: I have a collection of n ExampleSets and a collection of n Models. I want to apply n-th model to corresponding n-th ExampleSet, so I have to loop through two collections in parallel.

After trying a lot of things, I found out that the most logical way would be storing one collection with "Remember" operator, and then loop through the other one, "Recalling" the first one and selecting the n-th item on each loop.

The problem is how to select the n-th item inside the collection loop.

Most loops have the "iteration macro" parameter, which is exactly what I am looking for - however the "Loop collection" operator lacks this parameter.

I also cannot find a way to loop through a collection of items using different operator than "Loop collection". "Loop until" seems reasonable, but how to specify "input collection is empty" condition?

Is there any way to do that?



  • monami555monami555 Member Posts: 16  Maven
    Strange but usual thing, a few days of unsuccesful trying, posting the question in forum and the solution found after another few minutes :)

    I can set a macro before the loop and then re-generate it inside each loop using "Generate macro" operator and putting %{macro_name}+1 as the macro value.

    Anyway I find it strange if there was no more straightforward way..
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