[SOLVED] Process loader and Operator attributes

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Hi everyone,

I am new in rapidminer and I am interested in how can I load a Process defined in xml file (<operator name="Global" class="Process"> ....) in the RAPID GUI.

Moreover, if exists any documentation about operators parameters from RAPID API? I read a wiki a pdf tutorial (for 4.6) and there is no description of these parameters.

For example, I dont know, what parameters in the AggregateOperator (http://rapid-i.com/api/rapidminer-5.1/com/rapidminer/operator/preprocessing/transformation/AggregationOperator.html) are.

I created a simple example code, where I tried read simple csv, create SUM aggregation and write data to file. The name of SUM column is number.


try {
/* Reading Data */
Operator trainingDataReader = OperatorService.createOperator(CSVExampleSource.class);
trainingDataReader.setParameter("csv_file", RapidMinerTest.projectPWD + "report1.csv");
                       trainingDataReader.setParameter("column_separators", ";");

/* Classifier */
Operator aggregation = OperatorService.createOperator(AggregationOperator.class);
                       //aggregation.setParameter("keep_example_set", "true");
                       //aggregation.setParameter("aggregation_attributes", "sum");
                       aggregation.setParameter("aggregation_function", "sum");
                       aggregation.setParameter("aggregation_name", "number");
/* Save model */                        
                       Operator csvWriter = OperatorService.createOperator(CSVExampleSetWriter.class);  
                       csvWriter.setParameter("csv_file", RapidMinerTest.projectPWD + "report_OUT.csv");  
                       csvWriter.setParameter("column_separator", ";");

Process process = new Process();                        

                      trainingDataReader.getOutputPorts().getPortByName("output").connectTo(aggregation.getInputPorts().getPortByName("example set input"));


And I dont know if the aggregatiom parametrs are right.

aggregation.setParameter("aggregation_function", "sum");
aggregation.setParameter("aggregation_name", "number");
Output csv data is same such as in input.

Same for output and input ports for Operators.

Thanks for any ideas.


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    ziszis Member Posts: 22 Contributor II
    Ok, it´s time for some explanation. I am using RapidMiner v 5.1.

    It occurred to me that I can create a process in GUI and then export him to the xml file. Finally I found lots of attributes names and values in xml, but it is not directly for class AggregationOperator, but for Aggregation. Maybe it is a some kind of wrapper of AO class.

    So I used the attributes and it´s working fine.

    A Process in GUI you can import by File -> Import Process.
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