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Please, Math and Science folk, be gentle:

So I've been trying to follow along with the videos, manuals, etc. to get a sense for the RapidMiner workflow. It makes sense to me when I read about it, though in practice I am unable to get any results.

For example (and this has literally been the case with everything I've tried--whether it be with a sample dataset, one generated via operator, imported from Excel or CSV, etc.) I try to create a Split Validation (Decision Tree, then Apply Model and Performance)--I get all the yellows. When I click Play, however, and am returned to the Results view, I can't seem to find any results.

It's driving me crazy because it has to be something really obvious--and so humbly I ask for your help.

(The log file says I haven't specified a results file--though even when I do it generates an empty file).

On a somewhat related note, is the Excel Import Wizard in the current version different than what's shown in the videos? The screens don't look the same.

Thanks for your input!


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    the "yellows" are warnings about *possible* problems, sometimes they are wrong and the process runs fine. The warning in the log about the missing result file can also be ignored - it just means that the log you see in the Log view won't be saved to disk. This is usually only necessary if you start RapidMiner without the GUI.

    About the missing results: did you connect the output of your last operator to the process output on the far right of the process view? Furthermore, when talking about processes, it is usually very helpful if you post your problematic process here in the forum. Please have a look at this thread: http://rapid-i.com/rapidforum/index.php/topic,4654.0.html

    Best, Marius
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