License question - corporation with Multiple Community Editions?

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Hi All,

I have used RM on several projects in pursuit of my Masters degree - thanks for making a great tool available for free! 

And now I have started the ball rolling to get the tool authorized for use at my company (large insurance company with lots of corporate red tape) and I have a question.

We won't be doing development - we want to use the tool for DM type exploration which would seem to imply the Community Edition is fine.  BUT, in authorizing the tool for use, the tool could then be used by multiple users at our company - the feature comparison (Community vs Enterprise) seems to be implying that only 1 analyst is allowed to use the tool at a company - and multiple analysts require the Enterprise Edition.

My question.  Does the RM license allow for two or more analysts to individually use the Community Edition at the same company? 

Thank you in advance for any guidance!



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    thanks for the kind words!

    The community edition may of course be used by any number of analysts within your company, as it is free to anybody under the restrictions of the AGPL3. The restrictions probably do not apply, as long as you don't interface another Software with RapidMiner in any way. In case of doubt, please contact me, so that we can work that out together.

    If you are going to use RapidMiner within a hole team of analysts, you might be interested in RapidAnalytics as well. With that centralized server infrastructure, you can easily share data, processes and results as well as the computational resources of the server. Executing an long running analysis on the background server will really ease your life as analyst. Whoever was blocked for an hour and waited for the results without capable of doing something will know what I'm talking about...
    And in fact, if you have to interface any part of the IT infrastructure with RapidMiner, you can use RapidAnalytics Enterprise Edition to do so. So for example, if you create a fraud detection analysis, you could easily publish a webservice that takes the data about a case, and delivers back the classification results whether it is fraud or not. This webservice can easily be integrated into any other software.
    Last thing is, that the integrated reporting engine might come handy to present the results of your effort to your boss in an interactive and possible live dashboard on the intranet.

    So, just had to make a little bit of advertisement, so that we are able to continue developing our tools and share them for free in the community edition :)

    With kind regards,
      Sebastian Land

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