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I am working with a dataset containing 10 attributes, each having 700 examples (and no missing values).
Attribute types are either real oder integer ( 4 real, 6 int).
One attribute has the role "label" (type: real), rest is "regular".
What I would like RM to do is find a formula with the label attribute as result and the regular attributes as "input" for the formula.

But I couldn't find an operator giving out a formula so my question is:

Which operator gives me a formula as result?
Is it even possible (with my described dataset) to retrieve a formula as result?


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    Q-DogQ-Dog Member Posts: 32 Contributor II
    Have you tried "Linear Regression"?

    This gives you a formula of the form "ax + bx + cx + ... + z" depending on the number of attributes.
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    JagsusJagsus Member Posts: 13 Contributor II
    Yes I have, but wasn't quite sure if the result is a formula because in textview it looks like:

    - 0.009 * WzT
    + 0.002 * WstT
    + 0.009 * Tresca
    - 0.664 * Rzini
    - 0.459 * Wear
    + 1.928 * sigmaN
    + 0.355 * vtang
    + 5.494

    so I am assuming this is supposed to be a formula?
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