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can it be installed on a unix server? And how do you start the application then?

I want to use rapidminer to webscrape some pages and put those on my website. So I was thinking about installing it on the linux server that hosts the website. But how do you start Rapidminer then? Something like www.mywebsite.com/rapidminer ? And is there a kind of login protection?


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    you may want to have a look at RapidMiner's Reporting extension, which you can install via the help menu -> Reporting Extension. Then you have two options:

    1. Setup the processes on your local RapidMiner instance, upload them to the server and somehow invoke the headless version of RapidMiner on a regular basis, e.g. via a cron job, to run the processes.
    2. Install RapidAnalytics on your server. Then you can store the processes directly on the RapidAnalytics instance, and configure RapidAnalytics to run the processes on a regular basis.

    The processes should use the reporting extension to create html or pdf files and copy them to a location where your webserver can access them.

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