READ BEFORE POSTING: How to Ask for Help

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Please read this post carefully before posting for the first time in this forum.

Of course this forum exists to ask for help, and we and the community try to answer all of them. To make it easier for others to understand your problem, please:

0a. Check if your problem is covered by the FAQ.
0b. Check if your problem is covered by our video tutorials at http://rapid-i.com/content/view/189/212/lang,en/ . If it is not, please:
1. Describe what you are doing.
2. If you are working with data, give a detailed description of your data (number of examples and attributes, attribute types, label type etc.).
3. Describe which results or actions you are expecting.
4. Describe which results you actually get.
5. If your problem is related to a certain process or operator, please attach that process or a simplified sample process to your post (see below). Screenshots of processes are usually of little use.
6. Be patient. There is no guarantee that you will get an answer within a certain time - sometimes it will take a couple of minutes, sometimes several days, depending on our workload (if you need guaranteed response times, feel free to contact us at www.rapid-i.com to ask for a service contract in combination with RapidMiner Enterprise).
7. When your problem has been solved, please add [SOLVED] to the topic title. (do so by editing the first post in the thread and modifying the title)
8. Adopt a post. After you have gained some experience it would be great if you would give something back to the community by answering posts of other users who are in search for help.

How to attach a process to your post
Open your process in RapidMiner and open the XML view, which is usually located above the process view. If you can't find it, make sure that it is checked in the menu under View -> Show View.
Copy the XML code from there and paste it into your forum post. Surround your pasted XML code with code tags as shown in the example below (omit the space before the slash in the second code-tag).
your XML code here[ /code]
You can also simply use the "#"-button above the input box in the forum.

How to use a process someone else has posted
Create a new process and go the the XML view (see above). Clear the view, and copy the XML code from the forum into that view. Then press the green checkmark on top of the view. Switch back to the Process view.
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