Rapidminer hangs during loading

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I'm trying to run rapidminer 5.2 (just downloaded) on a Mac OS 10.7.3 with Java 1.6 (so that's all up to date) but the initialisation hangs at the 'creating frame' stage.  It loaded OK the first time or two, but now hangs.  I tried putting the RM folder on to a memory stick thinking that there's a file somewhere on the Mac that's corrupted, and the loading continues to the main screen, but the program isn't activated (on a Mac that's indicated by the three little buttons at the top left of the window being lit up).  So there's another file on the Mac that needs to be accessed, but I've no idea what it is.  I've tried clearing out all the RM files from the Mac (I seem to have the remnants of RM4.1 somewhere on the machine but can't find them!) but the same problems occur.  Suggestions??

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