How can I free memory?

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Currently my setup is

Read arff -> Nominal to Binominal -> FPGrowth

After 1 run, my memory is full (6Gig ram), but I get a clean result. If I run this again, I soon get an outOfMemory expception.
Now my question is: How can I clear the memory after a process execution? I don't want to restart RM every time.

Second question:

In FPGrowth I only want itemsets which have attributes with the prefix "proc" in it. When I type proc[A-Za-z0-9]+  in the "only include" bar, I don't get what I wanted. I still get a lot of itemsets that don't include those item(s). In fact I only want association rules with those items in the consequent, how can I do that?

Thank you in advance


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