"R models not working"

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Hi All,

I have installed the R extension on my RapidMiner 5.1, I have R 2.14.2 also installed in my computer. After some struggle I set the enviromental variables, etc, I can use R from Rapidminer, plots, etc, I can use the Execute Script node, but if I try to use any R model (eg R Naive Bayes) with the apply model node by Rapidminer I got an error message saying that:

''The model did not return any results, so no prediction can be made. During model application the data is exported to R and needs to the scored there. The score data should then transfered back to RapidMiner, but wasn't available.''



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    may I ask, why you are using NaiveBayes of R in the first place? Save the effort, use the implementation of RapidMiner itself. The results are the same anyway...

    Otherwise, could you check, whether it works with an older version of R? Might be they have changed the format in the meanwhile...

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