GC overhead limit exceeded

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for an extensive GridParameterOptimization, RapidMiner terminates after
a while with:

Process failed Message:
GC overhead limit exceeded

How can I fix this problem?

More memory for the JVM is not possible since all my 4GB are already

I found that with the option "-XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit" this error can be
avoided. Is this a good solution?

Or should I try to integrate the MemoryCleanUp operator into my model (which
is very simular to sample 11 in the meta validation directory).

Best regards,


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    Hey Sascha,

    If your app has a lot of concurrent procceses, or it uses a lot of recursion, you should take a look at the Concurrent Collector ..

    Here you'll find a lot of information about it http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/hotspot/gc/gc_tuning_6.html#par_gc.oom

    If you have multiple proccessors, then the Concurrent Collector may be very helpful here ..

    Hope this helps ..

    C ya
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    Hi Sascha,
    could you post your process here and tell us, how many memory is available? This is shown in the memory monitor on the lower right.
    And take a look at the log messages if there are some warnings.

    Β  Sebastian
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