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Hi everybody,
first of all greetings to all developers, great piece of software.

Second: i have a problem, i need to start rapidanalytics on system boot, i have ubuntu 10.04 server but when i put a symbolic link into init.d or when i put the call in rc.local it has great problems with the engine. I mean: doesn't show up at all, and give this

404 /RA/faces/restricted/index.xhtml

Does anybody know a safe way to autostart the software?



  • fischerfischer Member Posts: 439  Guru

    to what are you symlinking?

  • KorsakoffKorsakoff Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Hi, thanks for answering.
    I am symlinking to /rapidanalytics/bin/

    but I am open to any suggestion, or a correct way to do it.

    My point is to start the software on the machine boot. That's all.

    Thanks :)
  • fischerfischer Member Posts: 439  Guru
    Hi, is a script that starts RA, but that does not mean you can just place it (or a link to it) into init.d. Such a script must respond to commands like "start" and "stop" which does not do. Ubuntu and most Linux distributions provide a skeleton script where you just place the call to in the right place. We have done that for Ubuntu and SuSE and will probably include that with the installer in future releases. For now, please look for such a skeleton for Ubuntu and edit it accordingly.

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