"EvolutionaryParameterOptimization operator in java code"

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I am trying to use EvolutionaryParameterOptimization operator in my java code.
I know how to set parameters like generations_without_improval and population_size, etc.

EvolutionaryParameterOptimizationOperator evolutionary = OperatorService.createOperator(EvolutionaryParameterOptimizationOperator.class);
evolutionary.setParameter(EvolutionaryParameterOptimizationOperator.PARAMETER_GENERATIONS_WITHOUT_IMPROVAL, "15");
evolutionary.setParameter(EvolutionaryParameterOptimizationOperator.PARAMETER_POPULATION_SIZE, "50");
However, I cannot figure out how to set the list of parameters that should be optimized. For example, I have a LibSVMLearner operator in the inner operator chain and I whish to optimize its parameters LibSVMLearner.gamma and LibSVMLearner.epsilon. Can you please help me or point me to the documentation about this.
Many thanks!
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