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Hi, I have the problem today when I start Rapidminer GUI 5.2.006, there is a message on the bottom right corner "updating headers". I double click the message, it prompts another window shows pending tasks including:
Updating headers
Open file
Open file

I can't open any existing processes, if I tried to create a new one, then I got all the operators grayed and can't do nothing. I wait for 5 or 10 mins or even longer, the message may disappear and I can operate normally.

Can anybody help me on this issue?

Best Regards


  • Nils_WoehlerNils_Woehler Member Posts: 463 Maven

    can you what file RapidMiner tries to open? Try to delete the file in your .RapidMiner5 folder (usually found at C:\Users\$USER\.RapidMiner5).  Does it help?

  • xiaobo_sxbxiaobo_sxb Member Posts: 17 Maven
    It's interesting, everything goes well today. I wonder whether it will connect to something at start-up? It had slow connection that day and it's OK now.

    I will try the solution you suggested next time if I meet the issue again.

    Thank you.

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