Social Media Networking and GIS capabilities

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I've got a couple of questions and kindly ask for some helpful feedback:

1. I recently installed RapidNet community version to explore its Social Media Networking capabilities.  But I'm not able to import any of my docs (ie, excel, SQL,..) or do anything to explore my data.  What am I missing?

2. Does RapidNet have graphic information system (GIS) capabilities? If not, does RapidMiner have any GIS plugins or operators that perform the function of displaying customer addresses on a visual map (such as google maps or other GIS platforms)?

Of course the next step would be to look for social network links among addresses, and so on.

I realize there are other individual open-source packages out there that do these tasks separately, but would be nice to know if they're available on the Rapid-I platform.




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    yes, you are able to explore Social Media networks. As far as i know there should be a twitter/facebook example. But there is no official import functionality for your own data. You have to prepare a database for yourself. See my other post for the rough idea.

    And yes, RapidNet has a build-in geographic information system.

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