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How to add a new plotter to rapidminer

qqqqqq Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
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I am a c++/c# programmer. i want to add add a new plotter to rapidminer.
i can write my code in java but i am not so familiar with java projects format.
so, how can i add my plotter code to rapidminer source code?

thank you in advanced!


  • haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849  Guru
    Hi there,

    I've bolted on to RM  a C++ wrapper to CUDA using JNI; you should look at plugins/extensions on sourceforge to get the hang og the operator. There is a white paper with examples on the Java side which is for sale also, check out the shop on the main website.

    Have fun!
  • qqqqqq Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    I want to add a new plotter .

    I read rapidminer code. for example parallel ploter.
    I found two files for this plotter.

    one which is in com.rapidminer.gui.plotter.charts and is named ParallelPlotter2
    another is ParallelPlotter and it's location is com.rapidminer.gui.plotter

    ParallelPlotter2 is the main one but i don't know how to change it to draw new things on screen.
    I know that ParallelPlloter contains the main code for drawing chart but i trace it's code and no lines of code was
    executed !!!!!

    please help me by writing some instructions to build a new plotter other than current existing ones.

  • haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849  Guru
    I have.
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