Can You Use RM on Windows Desktop to Deploy Jobs to RA on Linux

jcurry1jcurry1 Member Posts: 24 Contributor II
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Hi there,

I am installing RapidMiner on my Windows XP 32 bit desktop.  I intend to install RapidAnalytics on a RedHat Linux server.
I intend to create my jobs in RapidMiner and then deploy them through the remote repository, i.e. run them through RA on the Linux Server.

Is this setup ok?  i.e. there is no problem between using the different Operating Systems for RM and RA?



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    awchisholmawchisholm RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 458 Unicorn

    This will work. I have RA on an ubuntu machine and RM on w64 for example.

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    jcurry1jcurry1 Member Posts: 24 Contributor II
    Thanks Andrew.  Great to hear that.  Increases my confidence going forward with the installations.
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