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Hi everybody,

I'm having a classification problem and I need some help.
Let's say I have a group of school classes, each one consists of students.
I want to examine the writing skills of each class and classify them into 2 cateogies -> use of advanced vocabulary and use of normal vocabulary.

I'll gather a sample of documents for training, so my problem is if it's possible to determine if a class as a whole belongs to the first or the second category, depending on the characterazation of each of the class' student.

Can I create a training model for a school class containing its students or I'll have to find an alternative way using just text classification, let's say determine if a student makes use of advanced vocabulary in his writings and then find an algorithm to determine if he uses advanced vocabulary or normal vocabulary in his writings?


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    anyone?  :(
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    Hi there,

    I think I understand what you are trying to do, so my suggestion would be to make sure you can classify students correctly before you move on to classifying classes, which I suspect is just an aggregation of individual scores.

    With regard to classifying a student you might also consider also mistakes in vocabulary and grammar, otherwise nonsense speakers could get misclassified.



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    gokugoku Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    Hi haddock,
    thank you very much for your help. I'll follow your suggestion!
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