RapidMiner open source extension with closed source library

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I would like to make an own extension of RapidMiner. During my search for suitable libraries I've run into licence compatibility issues.

I want to use one particular library for my extension whose source code is not available to public and therefore incompatible with AGPL. However, based on FAQ at gnu.org I learned this obstacle can be overcomed if _all_of_ copyright holders of AGPL code which is used in extension authorise an additional permission which allows mixing AGPL and closed-source parts.

The question I would like to ask is - is it possible to obtain this additional permission? I suspected it is likely to be too cumbersome to contact all contributors, but then I noticed the joint copyright assignment. Then I wondered if it means that rapid-i company has the rights to contributions to the code and has the option to give this additional permission.




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    for detailed licensing inquiries, please contact us here.

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