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I'm using ValueSubgroupIterator to process an example set in different chunks based on the value of an attribute.  For each group, I'm creating a model.  How can I log the current value of the grouping attribute, so I know in what order the values have been processed?  I tried ProcessLog, but it doesn't appear to let me log the value of the macro variable, only the name of the variable itself.

To clarify, I realize that the value of one subgroup is included in the models and data tables created inside the loop.  My situation is that I am iterating over three different variables nested inside one another, and need to know the values of all three, not just the outermost loop, which is what is currently embedded in the tab names of the resulting objects.


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    Hi Keith,

    the new version 4.3 (about to be released) will provide an operator "ValueIterator" which provides a macro for the current value. Together with the new operator "Macro2Log" you can then log this value. And an inner ExampleFilter (also using this macro) can be used to filter out the correct examples (like in the ValueSubgroupIterator).

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