"[SOLVED] Loading Other User Libraries at Run-Time in User Extensions"

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I have built an extension.  It uses another secondary jar file where I have changed the MANIFEST file to have "RapidMiner-Type:Rapidminer Plugin" so that RapidMiner recognizes the classes in this jar file and hoists it in and runs it.

However, the secondary jar file uses class defs in a tertiary jar file.  RapidMiner will not load this jar file, so it produces the usual "NoClassDefFoundError" when running the class from the secondary jar.  Do I have to have "RapidMiner-Type" defined in the tertiary jar file MANIFEST?  I do not control that library.  

I have modified the "build_extension.xml" ant file so that I do see the tertiary library class paths in the MANIFEST file in the ant build of the extension when I look at the ant build log for the extension.

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    SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven
    If you build your extension with ant it should be sifficient to put all your jars into the "lib" directory of your extension. The build process will unpack all your jars and build a single jar which contains all necessary dependencies inside.
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